Friday, October 31, 2008

Sibelius Symphony 5 LSO/Davis Alternate rec. (NYC!)

This duplicates the conductor/orchestra pairing for this work in the same year as an official release. Although it documents a different performance,
it is only an extra sweetener to enjoy the artistry of these workers.
This straight to CD Recording of Live Broadcast on WQXR NYC does have a bit of hiss audible in the quieter moments. If you like the performance, please buy the official LSO live CD release, which has vastly better sound anyway;
The London Symphony Orchestra has its own website from which they sell their "LSO Live" CDs:

That said, this is still a blast to hear! That wierdo ending with the quintuple hangups is never tiring. The LSO and Sir Colin Davis seem to be welded to one another's thoughts sometimes, as evidenced in long stretches of -even for these pros- gorgeous ensemble work.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ives Symphony no. 4 NY Philharmonic/Gilbert 2004 live

Charles Ives' raucous Fourth (and last) Symphony, live from Carnegie Hall to get the Estados Unidos folk in the voting mood!

Alan Gilbert, young American conductor at the helm of the New York forces who will take him as their new music director starting 2009, in one of this pairing's most acclaimed showings- so far. Interesting but overreported note: his parents are New York Philharmonic musicians, and on this particular occasion mom was one of the band.
I recorded it from a live WQXR broadcast, straight to cd... Great American Cacophony to rival the election season's cross'd streams of sameness (that simply means that reality is slightly below expectations; you still have the right to vote. Voting could be treated like a Victorian-era unruly child or bad tooth- Ignore it and it may go away.)

links for this in comments

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beethoven Last Sonatas live by Paul Lewis, from a broadcast

Gandador del Premio Gramophone en vivo:

Otro broadcast de ahora ultimo, como si estuviera renaciendo el arte! Could it be that the Far Eastern curse "may you live in interesting times" is also informing the depth of recent performances?

All thanks to christos e from DIME for this awesome recording of a digital FM Broadcast- DVB-S Radio, 256kb/s. He might poke me right in the eye for putting this up here. (hope not!)

The performance is a testament to Paul Lewis' gifts, so spread it while it's available. As such, it is more than ample argument for keeping his career triumphantly afloat by going to a concert or purchasing a CD of his!!! We are Medici! [sung to the sister sledge tune, in these art funding-starved times]; Please mention that if you Do spread this treasure.

viene con arte y texto informativo. comes with some more info and homebaked art (yea that up there.)
crank it!

The actual studio release, winner of the 2008 Gramophone Award here
(live concert link in comments; as a zip file and, further down, in mp3s individually)

Shostakovich 10th live 19 Feb 2004 NYC broadcast

Snippet of the performance, you've got to hear it. Es otra tecnologia. pegale el volumen hacia 11 antes de escuchar (para eradicar tendencias facistas en tu vecindario):


New York Philharmonic, Antonio Pappano - Guest conductor
Carnegie Hall, NYC, New York (USA)
19 Feb 2004

WQXR "New York Philharmonic live" broadcast recording

Viene con guia , seis minutos de buenisima informacion antes de escuchar esta obra.
Comes with a Listening guide to Shostakovich Symphony no. 10 (6:24)


It's in there!