Sunday, March 23, 2014

Beethoven Pastoral, Bohm, VPO 1977 live broadcast? Japan? Great take.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Opus 68, Symphony No.6 "Pastoral"

Abby took this pic on one of her traversals of the Storm King 
Mountain area. Thanks, Abs.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Karl Böhm, conductor

Tokyo, Japan 
March 2 1977

It's raining, and the woods are thinking of coming back. Once they break from the waning dark, ice, and thick snow, the birdsongs may return as well. May we all get to walk through the forest more often this year.

Thanks John, great find.

All Thanks to ya1955hiro who
Published this on YouTube on Jan 29, 2014
on-air recorded reel to reel tape
TEAC A-6100 mk2 reel to reel tape recorder
SONY VAIO H on board computer DSD recording.
44kHz 16bit converted

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