Friday, February 6, 2009

Garrick Ohlsson and Ivan Fischer, Budapest Festival O make Bartok's piano concerto 3 breathe.

Rapt, satisfying negotiations
 between a roomful of instruments,
 a guy grimacing and waving his arms,
 and another fellow at the piano.

Bela Bartok
Sz. 119, BB 12: Piano Concerto no.3

Budapest Festival Orchestra
Iván Fischer, conductor
Garrick Ohlsson, soloist

BBC Proms 2006 
No. 44: August 16th 2006 
Royal Albert Hall, London

Bartok's gift for his wife. 
That gorgeous middle piece, Adagio religioso, is a swath of time I got lost in with this performance. Looking though reviews of the concert, some 'lack of ensemble' was pointed out. Listeing to Garrick Ohlsson's way with my favorite piano pieces, the nocturnes, I think its part of his style. The Pires/Cortot hairtrigger emotional sensiblities on display there are what undergird the quiet power of this recording. Yes, Some accents here and there are impulsively mashed into their spots early, but when the field clears and the orchestra/soloist dialogue is laid bare- as it is for stark stretches in the Bartok 3- they surpass any other recording I have heard, out of a dozen. Hear that whole dealmaking process from 4:30 to 5:17 first movement! 
As usual around here, performance trumps sound quality; It's 192 kbps.
This outing kept me listening to the conversation until the end, illuminating new spots and making sense of more than I had ever heard before. I think maybe both this one and the Argerich/Dutoit EMI release I could be sated.
And the last movement sounds like they're having serious fun, tossing ideas back and forth, as if making some of it up as they go.

This came from the awesome folks at the concert archives group. They are something else altogether.


Discobole said...

Thanks for the release.
The zip is corrupt, as it says: third movement is missing (and there is a strange first movement of 70k after the true first movement...). too bad.

As to recordings to share, have a look at:

Guillermo said...

Thanks Discobole, Im fixing the link now.

Guillermo said...

Ok . Here goes nuthin' :

Guillermo said...

The third movement is here, alone, if you cannot get a clean one in the complete file .

David said...

Great recording, just as you promised! And I liked the piano tone too - somehow more percussive, oddly suited to this piece. It's at the top of my list too!

Guillermo said...

This is why it's so fun to share these, David. It's great to know that you enjoy the performance too!