Sunday, September 27, 2009

Schoenberg: Pelleas and Melisande, with Alan Gilbert's talk. New York Phil, live Sept 25, 2009

A great performance, with preconcert walkthough of 
Arnold Schoenberg's Opus 5.

"My music is not modern, it is merely badly played."- A. Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg
Opus 5, Pelleas Und Melisande

Johannes Brahms
Opus 77, violin concerto

Alan Gilbert, conductor
New York Philharmonic
Frank Peter Zimmermann, soloist (Brahms)

Avery Fisher Hall, NYC
September 25, 2009

Wondrously placed stereo In-house recording
(coughing humans fall silent quickly enough)

This is my rapproachement with Schoenberg, in the recognition that he always sounds detached to me, somewhat alien. Some performances bring him in though, close, a stark wee-hours stare into the bathroom mirror, if you will. Last time I felt Schoenberg was with the Arditti Quartet's take on the second and third string quartets, and before that his Starry Night (an easy entryway to this composer).
The real reason, besides the performance and the front row acoustic feel, is the inclusion of one of first few talks that Alan Gilbert is giving during the performances- immediately before, not an hour before curtain. You may know that he is the young new mainstay for the New York Philharmonic, and where its previous head honcho, "...Lorin Maazel had no interest in using the Philharmonic music director’s platform as a teaching tool. Mr. Gilbert is good at it...", as The New York Times opined.
It's a great talk and made me feel good to hear an involved maestro and audience here. So I had to share.

the whole NY Times article about this performance is here:

also included is the rest of the program that morning, the Brahms violin concerto. Frank Peter Zimmermann played Joseph Joachim's cadenza.

**Mil gracias to well, you know who you are, for this!**

You will not sell this at all anyway anywhat anyhow, but spread it far, wide and go to a (non-free) concert soon!


Guillermo said...

I'm trying this out for now. The mediafire links are ready to go on this page, all <100MB:

Hey, let me know what you think of the sounds!

classical said...

Lorin Maazel & Mr. Gilbert are doing the cool thing , i am totally with them!

Anonymous said...

How do I decompress the files?

Guillermo said...

Agh! Did I err? I may have fallen prey to the," since it is not broken i tried to fix it" problem, changing the system.
The two files have to be joined with 'MacHacha' or 'HJSplit' or some other joiner program, then you end up with a single large zip file that any decompressor can handle.

The breaking up of files is to make the file size less than 100MB each, which seems to make things easier for alot of folks.
sorry. cheese dip makes it better, though I propose (It's a slightly obscure nerd comic book reference, Groo rules.)

Boom said...


Can you please tell me what is the format of these files?

Guillermo said...

Hey Boom, they're mp3's.

Anonymous said...

Dear Guillermo:
The Brahms Violin concerto performance are fabulous, but this medifire files only include the first two movement, the mp3 file written "3rd movement" is actually the second movement..
Dear Guillermo, can you check the file again, Please !! Thank you so much~~ Michael

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear this...alas, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to open it! Please go back to your single file option, as every split file I have tried has failed me...

Guillermo said...

Hi, The files must be put together before unzipping. for Macs I know MacHatcha works well and is freeeee! HJsplit is a good Windows option, I've been told.

Either way I am upping a single file option, it's just going just a bit slowly. Probably that is from the traffic this sunday, especially in the snowed in northeastern US.

Guillermo said...

OH! Try this first, though: the problem may be due to an unauthorized name change. if the file has anything other than a ".zip.001" or ".zip.002" as the end of its name, delete whatever is after THAT. make sure the file ends in either a .zip.001 or .zip.002 THEN try to double click the first one and see what happens?

Please let me know, its a quick easy fix; may work.
However I do realize that for every large, complex, multifaceted problem there is an easy solution that is wrong. ;)

I just tried it and it worked.