Monday, April 25, 2011

In lieu of actual post (which is forthcoming)

Statework will continue shortly.

In the interim, and as a valid excuse for not actually posting (!!), I offer the most wicked recommendation in recent music blog memory:

This guy's putting out the most incendiary "I've never seen that performance date before" Mravinsky and Richter recordings ever. I've been in bliss for weeks and weeks.


Anonymous said...

Around '96, Berkshire had all of those Russian Disc CDs for $1.99 apiece. It was my biggest order ever, something like 40 CDs at once. Great stuff!

Guillermo said...

Sort of like when tower in Paramus closed and set all their russia revelation CDs free for a similarly scandalous rate. I nabbed all I could then, too! One of them is the Gilels Beethoven 3, further down on the right column there.

Boom said...

And lets not forget all those DANTE/LYS cutouts that Tower put in their Outlet bins years ago at 3.99 or so. I bought quite a few then, but missed the 4CD Bruno Walter's pre-war Haydn/Mozart set... (Had to live with a low bitrate mp3 copy I found somewhere on the web.)
May sound silly in the age of FLAC downloads, but I occasionally miss those heady trips to brick and mortar CD outlet stores... :))