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Richter 1994 10 03 Montalto Dora: Beethoven recital, inhouse recording

Sviatoslav Richter

Anfiteatro di Montalto Dora
Montalto, Italia

October [3?], 1994

Beethoven Sonatas recital

There is always enough room for more Richter, be it Gerhard or Sviatoslav. The latter is recorded non-professionally here in very good sound, despite having some significant dropouts and occasional alien communication sounds. It is a recital from his later years, and so some finger slips may be present. It also contains the power which those late performances had at their best; Richter allows the humor and depth of his years living with these Sonatas to roll forth.
Forgive the indulgence. Please listen and you'll have a wonderful moment.


All Thanks to osmin46, who supplied some wonderful details :

"Is an homemade recording, with 2 big troubles in the final movement of op 14.2 and in the first movement of op 22. But I think this concert [is] very great, [so] I post it [anyway].
Montalto Dora is a little village near Ivrea, in north of Italy no so far from Torino. The theatre where [the 
concert] took place is a very poor cinema, [as opposed to in Ivrea Teatro Giacosa which was under
maintenance, so the concert had been moved 10 km. away to the 'awful' cinema of Montalto Dora.]
but the Richter's performance was extremely better then 2 days later in the luxury concert hall Lingotto in Torino.

The program:

1 sonata n8  op12  patetica
2 sonata n9  op 14.1
3 sonata n10 op 14.2
4 sonata n11 op 22
5 sonata n 13 op 26  funeral march

While D. in Italy had offered this at a point in other e-print sources:

"Sorry to say those performances from the Italian tours in 1994 weren't officially recorded [!!] ...I attended the " five Beethoven' sonatas " concerts in Florence ( where the Maestro had a collapse due to the very hot temperature in the theatre but , after a long intermission , played also the second part of the recital ) , in Montalto Dora and Turin . Well , the Patéthique was not at the level of those we know from earlier recordings : the Maestro had to " warm-up " ( I noticed almost all the pianists of a certain age have difficulties at the beginning of a concert , probably because phisiologic decline ) and played the Sonatas op. 14 / 1 and 14 / 2 much better . The same thing happened also in Montalto Dora and Turin .

I would like to add a little anecdote : after Florence , Richter had to take a rest and consequently to cancel the recital in Chioggia with the same programme. Chioggia is a rather small town near Venice ( it is called " the little Venice " ) that the Maestro loved ( there is a shot on the film " the Enigma " that shows Richter wearing blue-jeans sitting astride his chair with the sea at the back window . That shot was taken in his hotel room in Chioggia ) .

There was a very little concert society there : three persons in all , young and not rich people. They had spent a lot for the advertisements , the playbills and so on . When the Richter's assistant phoned them to announce the cancellation , they felt in despair . But Richter had promised to play there and when he was back to Italy next December he re-phoned them : " I would like to play there " . The three fellows felt very embarassed : " Maestro , we have no money , very sorry , we must renounce " . " Money is not a problem , I want to play in Chioggia : I will play for free " . And the recital took place ."

This is one from that series.


Guillermo said...

68 MB zip file containing mp3s of each sonata, info, and 2 pics of the original program materials

Wei-chieh Tsai said...

Welcome back and thanks for sharing!

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David said...

A great way to return - Richter, Beethoven, and a heart-warming story! Marvellous to see you back.

Anonymous said...

It is just amazing to hear this live performance. 5 Beethoven sonatas in a row, it is a bit overwhelming. could the audience take it ?!?

No one dares to play Beethoven this 'untidy', but the spirit is there. It reminds me of a live M+A CD, Richter in Leipzig, those thunderous chords....

It is almost day and night, when compared to his Schubert 894 sonata on Philips, also a live version, but so slowwww.

tad said...

Great to see you back!

And thanks for this extraordinary Richter recital!

(Sad that the MP3s are so heavily compressed, though....)

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Always welcome Richter.