Sunday, December 30, 2012

A core Beethoven broadcast symphony cycle for my son


Without much fanfare, here it is. Maybe more yammering will appear later in this post, but for now:

When my son was born almost 3 years ago I made a core Beethoven cycle (no Symphonies 1 or 2, or any other form) of broadcast material. He has enjoyed it ever since, as have I. It's not perfect, in fact far from it; it does however have a lot of fun performances. May it serve as sturdy accompaniment for the years ahead.

Here it is:

A Core Beethoven Broadcast Cycle for Beary : Symphonies 3 through 9
(meant to fit on one mp3 cd)

Beethoven Op. 55 Sinf 3

Gilbert/NYP 2011 05 24  Prague broadcast
Recorded May 24, 2011 in the Smetana Hall, Prague
Prague Spring International Music Festival 2011
"...I think it's fairly telling to listen to the rapturous audience response at this
program vs. the response to the San Francisco Symphony a few days ago. There's
certainly a case for the adventuresome programming the Tilson Thomas is known
for, however nothing can replace well-played concerts and technical ability.
Although not evidenced here, Alan Gilbert is also no slouch when it comes to
good programming."-thanks to earbox

Beethoven Op. 60 Sinf 4

Gatti/ONF 2010 05 27 broadcast
Recorded 5/27/10 at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris

Beethoven Op. 67 Sinf 5

Jarvi/DKP 2009 07 30 broadcast
Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival
Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
Aufzeichnung vom 30. Juli in der Laeiszhalle

Beethoven Op. 68 Sinf 6

Szell/Cleveland 1968 04 11-13 broadcast
Concert from 11 & 13 April 1968 at Severance Hall

Beethoven Op. 92 Sinf 7

Jarvi/DKP 2009 08 27 broadcast Salzburg
Mozarteum, Salzburg
27 August 2009
Beethoven 6 & 7
DKP Bremen
Paavo Järvi, conductor

Beethoven Op. 93 Sinf 8

Masur/ONF 2008 11 08 live broadcast
FA2008-118 Orchestre National de France & Choeur de Radio France,
Kurt Masur - conductor

Beethoven Op.125 Sinf 9
Ormandy/CSO 1982 broadcast
Chicago Symphony Chorus
Valente, Benita; soprano
Ciesinski, Katherine; mezzo-soprano
Shirley-Quirk, John; bass-baritone
West, Jon Frederic; tenor

Thanks to the original contributors of the radio broadcast recordings;
you help to make the world sound better.

Enjoy! Play it LOUD and often.



Guillermo said...

Beethoven Symphonies 3 through 9, 1968 - 2010 broadcast recordings of great performances.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Great blog. I'm downloading 6 and 9 to start. Mediafire has identified II of the Ninth as some Fritz Busch Urania recording, and says "Permission Denied." They are bad at what they claim they're doing. Anyway, it seemed like the thing to do to give you a heads-up. Thanks again.

Guillermo said...

Thanks DEF. I will fix.

Guillermo said...


As of 16h09 Jan 1 2013 we are uploading .zip files as incognito duplicates of any erroneously problematic files. Give it some time to complete uploading, and have at them!

Anonymous said...

Hello, again. sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but Mediafire identifies the whole Beethoven 9 zip file as that same Busch Urania recording and says, "Permission denied."
Thanks for your trouble. I'm hoping you can resolve it.
Really enjoyed Sym. 6. Thanks for that for sure.

Anonymous said...

And again, hello. I visited again hoping to get to the file mediafire wouldn't let me download. Acting on something I saw on another blog, I chose the "download folder" option, and after telling them, yes, I did want to zip all the files, the download proceeded. So it looks like I'll be sampling even more. You certainly make a case for Sym. 3. I really dislike Alan Gilbert. We'll see.

Guillermo Saar said...

Excellent tip! Very functional workaround to mediafire's paranoid hair trigger.

La Danse de Puck said...

Need your help.... I downloaded something on your FTP file at Symphonyshare which was later removed... and I screwed up the cue sheet... Can you contact me? Maria

Melvin Cowznofski said...

Do you mind if I share some of your recordings elsewhere on the internet?

Guillermo Saar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guillermo said...

Melvin, please do spread the sounds loud, far and wide; Dear Danse, I emailed...

Anonymous said...

Guillermo, many thanks. While it is true there are finer, commercial recordings available, people such as I have little to no opportunity to visit these great concert halls and watch/hear world-class orchestras. Again, my gratitude.

David Royko said...

Fun list -- and the Ormandy/CSO 9th caught me eye because I remember attending that performance and being pleasantly surprised, not being an Ormandy fan, by how much I enjoyed it.