Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beethoven Symphony No. 5, pause a moment and find out why this is up here.

Beethoven, Ludwig van
Symphony no.5 in C Minor, Opus 67

Live broadcast June 24th, 2007
Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Chamber Orchestra of Europe

The original uploader (Scalepet's) comments say what you may need to know:
"...recorded in the course of Harnoncourt's annual music festival, the Styriarte, in 2007, and broadcast just once: Despite the performance getting rave reviews from the press, it was never officially released on disk. Every of the performers got a recording of the concert...
...one of the fieriest, fastest and best performances I've ever heard of this piece, the first movement is barely 6:34 long - with repeat. The phrasing, accents and dynamic contrasts are intense when they need to be, it's remarkably driven, always moving forward with a positive sense of nervousness. But despite the breakneck speed Harnoncourt has total control over the Chamber Orchestra of Europe (who play on modern instruments, only the trumpets and timpani are period instruments), his conducting is firm, but not stiff, there's a terrific sense of chamber musical organization among the musicians, especially in the slow movement. Orchestral color, secondary voices, stereophony - all exceptional, which is why I opted for FLAC this time - you may discover details in the 5th you didn't notice before..."

YES! and then some, este es uno para poner a todo dar, a ver que tanto aguante el sistema de sonido!


Guillermo said...

MP3 format:

Lossless FLAC format:

F.C. said...

The sound and interpretation are wonderful, unfortunately the link flac is no longer functioning.

bulletproof lolita said...

unfortunately neither link works anymore, please reupload? I'd love to hear this

David said...

Fabulous recording, one of the few that make the 5th sound new instead of over-played! Brilliant! Thank you.

Guillermo said...

I will re up the FLAC within 24 hours.

Guillermo said...



daranibus said...


But sadly, the fourth movement gives a message, "Not provided by submitter" and can't be downloaded.

Can you re-upload, please?

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Yes, no 4th movement but the rest are downloading. Any chance for some help with it?

Thanks for these.


Anonymous said...

MediaFire has put a link to Amazon on their notification page so you can purchase this at that site. What I got was a book titled: "Premanufacture Notification: Chemistry Assistance for Submitters".

It won't play on my system.

Tom C

GP49 said...

Now, it's ""Not provided by submitter" by Not provided by submitter can be downloaded from one of these fine retailers."

Fortunately the other parts still work, as does the mp3 download; I can get the fourth part there.

Guillermo said...

OK! Folks, the music file in question now has a name of "namechangedtoprotecttheinnocent" and seems to be ok. just ignore the other movement IV download and its concomitant pushiness to get you into chemistry textbooks.