Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mahler Symphony Nr.3 Martinon/Chicago SO (box set version)

Jean Martinon leads the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a performance which does justice to the myriad moods and tempos you expect to have a Mahler Symphony no.3; that is such a relative phenomenon, since the M3 is one of the most philosophically, temporally and sonically ambitious of symphonies in general!
This excerpt about the recording is from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra website, from which you may purchase the incredible box set containing this performance (in better sound) and a host of other rarities:

"The Chicago Symphony Orchestra's first subscription concert performances of Mahler's Third Symphony were given at Orchestra Hall on March 23, 24, and 25, 1967, with Regina Resnik, Women of the Chicago Symphony Chorus (Margaret Hillis, director), the Chicago Children's Choir (Christopher Moore, director), and Jean Martinon conducting."

The sound is broadcast quality, Pre-FM.


Colectivo Ruben Vizcaino Valencia. said...

Un saludo entusiasta a este nuevo espacio.
Somos un grupo de estudiantes de música que te estaremos siguiendo.--y cuando se pueda amplificando.

Guillermo said...

claro! Que bien, amp it up! Bienvenidos, avisen, que este espacio esta para desarrollarse en lo que sea.

Anonymous said...

I'm not certain that this recording is actually of the Martinon CSO Mahler 3rd. The sound is too good and it just did not sound like the CSO...Upon checking the tags of the mp3 files I noticed that they are labeled as Zubin Mehta and the Bavarian Radio from a 2004 live concert...

Guillermo said...

Please NOTE: I have removed the links to the works mentioned in posts like this one, because they are available for purchase individually, from the orchestras themselves in some cases. As such, they are now priced within reach of most online folks and no longer constitute valid entries in this blog.

GP said...
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GP said...
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GP49 said...

Okay, sorry to be posting comments and deleting them, but more is coming up about this Mahler 3 Martinon issue...

The link is gone...just as well because I downloaded what are apparently the same files, which are still on another blog, complete with the identification tags in the files as Zubin Mehta and the Bavarian State Orchestra, from 2004.

The Mehta/Bavarian performance is commercially available and the timings for this alleged "Martinon" differ by no more than one second in each movement. Listening to the "Martinon" and then the genuine Mehta in the last movement, the audience noises just before the music starts, and the beginnning of the applause at the end, are identical in both. Same with the few hands that clap at the end of the first movement: identical in both the "Martinon" and the confirmed Mehta.

This is all unfortunate, as the Martinon is a much-revered, classic performance now available only as part of a large, expensive ($225) boxed set from the Chicago Symphony. The Mehta is a fine performance's just that the recording offered here is not what it claims to be. Search for it as the "Martinon/Chicago" on Google Blog Search, find it at that other blog, download it as the "Mehta" and enjoy it, if you wish. Just be aware of what it REALLY is.

Now...if this weren't all confusing enough already...that same blog, under the same "Mahler 3 Martinon" listing, has ANOTHER download in a different format, which turns out to be a totally different performance. Maybe it's actually the Martinon...maybe not. It does sound like an older recording than the excellent-sounding Mehta from 2004. And the timings differ.

Guillermo said...

@GP49: Hi, sorry about the deletion.
The Anonymous comment (see above) tipped me off to the discrepancy early on, months if not years ago. I remedied it immediately, realizing that
I had made a mistake; I did post the Mehta as a Martinon performance, quite unwittingly. The real Martinon performance was then available here for a time.

Please be assured however, that your comment,
"'s just that the recording offered here is not what it claims to be.[...]"
is somewhat misleading. I offer no Martinon performance here anymore. I deleted the links.

Sadly, I offer NO MAHLER 3RD!! a terrible thing, soon to be remedied. I'm auditioning non commercially available broadcast and in-house recordings of the next M3 offering, even as we communicate now.

To be clear: This is why some bloggers and group members include admonishments about not posting their links anywhere else. Control of what they really post then can be shaken, as in this case. I have no control over classical music blogs other than this one.
The way I wish to use my links is exactly how I treat them within this blog; any outside use of extracted files, links and such from here is -lamentably- not something I can be called to task for in this comments section.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, Guillermo, and no "calling to task" was intended. Obviously someone else made unauthorized use of what you originally posted and now has confused the issue by having done so.

The recent post of Barbirolli with the Boston Symphony in Sibelius is remarkable and enlightening. Sibelius was a Barbirolli specialty and he made several studio recordings of the Second Symphony. This broadcast may surpass them all. THANKS!

Guillermo said...

Now, anonymous, if you'd have left an email...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I found Martinon's Mahler Sym 3 in the web-site.
The time is: 33'59, 8'17,16'09,8'53,4'17,22,38.

do you think this is the correct one?
Because in my I-Tune, the album title says "Anthology of the Royal Concertgebow Orchestra"!!!