Saturday, January 17, 2009

Julia Fischer dances amidst Maazel's NYPO in Brahms' violin concerto, 2008 broadcast.*different than the studio recording with Kreizberg*

Johannes Brahms

Violin Concerto in D op. 77
NY Philharmonic
Lorin Maazel, Conductor. 
Julia Fischer, Violin.

Broadcast date: 2007-05-03

I can only offer that I found this to be great. I am already a fan of Julia Fischer's Mozart concerto playing, liking how she unobtrusively infuses the music with life. It reminds me of Pierre Fournier's Bach suite recordings in how the artists balance the injection of personal flair with adherence to the strict written texts. 
Maazel starts the journey at an unsurprisingly standard tempo, but the whole affair picks up speed and momentum with a satisfying surety, while letting some romantic impulses nudge and breathe at times. See the last 30 seconds of the First movement for example. The finale is a rollicking good time, and the main reason I thought to make this performance available here.
Ms. Fischer's encore, a clean gorgeous Andante from the Bach Sonata No. 2 in A Minor, BWV 1003, is included.

1  I.  Allegro non troppo 24:21
2 II.  Adagio 10:22
3 III. Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace - Poco piu presto 8:11
Bach: Solo Violin Sonata No. 2 in A Minor BWV 1003 
4 III. Andante 4:17

These recordings were originally offered by DIME's "Antimudshark"        
Guilty of transferring to mp3 & manufacturing artwork: Guillermo


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panayotis ioannidis said...

wonderful [classical music sharing] blog [with a difference!]- congratulations! not only is the music good, but the reasoning behind posting is very interesting - and your own texts to the point, stimulating, entertaining. thanks again!

Guillermo said...

You're most welcome! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a remarkably fine interpretation. As you note, the orchestra in the exposition gives nothing away but the soloist's way of shaping the melody (phrasing) and way of "leaning in" to the emotional peaks lifts the whole thing into another dimension altogether. I was transfixed and held so to the finale's double bar. Bravo! and thanks.

Anonymous said...

thank you. heard julia recently live - she's great technically, however too teutonic in expression and audience contact. best regards and thanks again for your time and effort.