Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vadim Repin. Shostakovich First Violin Concerto. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. 2006, live.

Repin plays the original intro to the burleske. This guy was never taught that humans generally can't play so brutally well. So he does.

Wiener Philharmoniker steps up to the plate and swings mightily, filling the room with an appropriately Francis Bacon-sounding backdrop at times,

 other times making the gentlest waves of soothe. If you're unfamiliar with Vadim Repin please change that now. This may not be the highest quality (192 kbps) recording as far as sound fidelity goes, but none of that matters- It just doesn't. Select the scherzo, pull up on the volume control a bit, get ready to smile.

Shostakovich, Dmitry

Opus No. (77) 99, Violin Concerto 1

Valery Gergiev, conductor
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Vadim Repin, soloist

from the Wiener Philharmoniker's 8th Subscription Concert 2006, April 23
from Musikverein, Large Hall (Vienna, Austria)

Thanks to Manuel for this.
his original links are also in the comments, which include an alternate recording, equally if not more powerful (with concomitantly worse sound, I lament!)

But remember. Your business is rejoicing. Your business is rejoicing. ;)


Guillermo said...

I've tagged the files and put art on them here:


but Manuel originally uploaded these, and the files as he upped them
are here, with another take of the Shosty 1:

Shostakovich : Violin Concerto No. 1

Tracks 1-3

Vadim Repin
Mariinsky Orchestra & Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
Valery Gergiev
Rotterdam, De Doelen, 17. September 2002

Tracks 4-8

Vadim Repin
Wiener Philharmoniker
Valery Gergiev
Wien, 23. April 2006

Both recorded via Satellite Receiver, uploaded (Premium) mp3/192 kbts


upkerry14 said...

Thank you for this!

Lots of material here


as well as my own bog:


best, bill

Guillermo said...

Thanks Bill! Nice site you have there. With Wiretap you can record the world's radio broadcasts, even schedule 'em (for those pesky 4 AM live Australian concerts), another way to get more material..?

Christopher said...

Thanks for a great version of a favorite piece.

Guillermo said...

Mine, too, I just love that craziness after the cadenza!

Anonymous said...

thanks a million for sharing