Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kondrashin and Moscow forces at the 1972 Munich Olympics play the Shostakovich Sym.#15

Shostakovich, Dmitry
Opus 141
Symphony no. 15

September 14, 1972

Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
Kirill Kondrashin, conductor

As you may note, this is different than the Melodyia recording made a few years later, and it certainly has a separate 'feel' to it.
The symphony was recorded live on September 14th, 1972 in the Kongresshalle, Munich, West Germany during the Summer Olympics there. The performance cannot be but impacted by the events just 9 days prior, when a group of humans calling themselves Black September snuck into the Olympic Village and attacked members of the Israeli Olympic team, eventually murdering 11 of their fellow humans. 

Shostakovich, Dmitry
Opus 99
Violin Concerto no. 1

November 27-28, 1964

Leonid Kogan, soloist
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Erich Leinsdorf, conductor

The source of these two tapings, Maestro Hornsby tells us,
" a filler I've included a dynamite performance of the 1st
VC with Leonid Kogan with Leinsdorf & the BSO from 1964..."

Some filler! The early movements of this performance take a few moments more than a later recording (1966, with the same forces) which surfaced from Soviet archives a decade ago. These moments run out to a minute more in the last two movements; I never felt any drag. Whatever was added is mordant and seething, as channeled through Leonid Kogan's alarming fluency in Shostakovich. 

All Thanks to Progress Hornsby for these recordings, fine artwork, uploading of flacs and generosity.

even includes traycard!


Guillermo said...

for MP3s:

(which opens:)

and for FLACs:

which is this, smaller:

enjoy, and let us know what you thought after a few listens...

Lever said...

Hi Guille,

esto sí que parece sabroso.

Sobre todo por Kogan, es el que más me gusta interpretando el concierto nº1. Muchas gracias y saludos.

Anonymous said...

For those who downloaded FLAC version, here's how to join the files.
Copy and paste into Notepad;
COPY /B "Shostakovich VC & Sym" "Shostakovich VC & Sym"
COPY /B "Shostakovich VC & Sym" + "Shostakovich VC & Sym" "Shostakovich VC & Sym"
COPY /B "Shostakovich VC & Sym" + "Shostakovich VC & Sym" "Shostakovich VC & Sym"

And save as "join.bat" in the same folder as the three files.
And double-click it.

Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

You can also download HJSplit - a free file-joining utility from:

Open the program, click JOIN and negotiate to the downloaded .001 file. Click join and you are done - as long as the other files are in the same location it will take care of itself. Easy-squeasy.

Anonymous said...

OK, I did the HJSplit and clicked on the resulting .zip file, but I only get the two .pdf files, not the .cue and .flac files. When I use 7-zip I get all the files, but I can't copy the .cue and .flac files to the directory - I get a "Cannot copy file: Cannot read from the source file or disk." message.

Brent Miller

Guillermo said...

Hey Brent, sorry 'bout that.
Erase anything that is after the .002 or .003, so that the end is .003 and not .txt or .pdf or whatever.
My computer always read the first file as ending in .001 then sticks a .txt on the subsequent files, so I have to change the name of each file once they are on the desktop, erasing anything to the right of the .001 or the .002, then I run the unzip program.
Should work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gullermo, but that doesn't seem to be the problem - no additional information in the file names after .00X.

Brent Miller

Anonymous said...

FFSJ might be the easy app for some people to join these files.

Download Link

It's good to have one.

maready said...

Guillermo: I hope you will post again soon --- after the holidays? I miss your wonderful recordings --- but there are many to keep me busy still.

I have my own blog now:

I have put your blog on the blog "roll". Please let me know if you don't want it to be there. I am looking forward to your next posting ... and I thank you for all those Jarvi Beethoven symphonies that sounded so good in my headphones!

Guillermo said...

We'll be back in the running soon, maready- and I'm delighted to be in your list! Thank you. Wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...


After joining the "explzh" to start.
"Various - SHOSTAKOVICH VC # 1 · Sym 15" to "Various - SHOSTAKOVICH VC # 1 & Sym 15" renamed.
"·" → "&"
You can extract it.
"Cue" to open it in Notepad. As before. "·" → "&"

Please install explzh

La Danse de Puck said...

It's been AGES since you posted... I would so love to have this particular version of the Shostakovich Vn Cto. under Leinsdorf and Shosty's 15th under none other than Kondrashin..... you can reach me at

PLEASE, pretty please!! I'll drop Progress a note.

Guillermo said...

Danse, forgive the crickets during my overlong interlude. These are the .bat files to rejoin the zips, if you need them. Most unzipping programs today can do without them, though.

And here are the mp3s in two linked zip files:

La Danse de Puck said...

MY MY! Guille, I had no idea you had uploaded this and was knocking at the door of the naughty GNOME thinking he had completely forgotten me. I don't know yet, how on earth you make "bat" files to work BUT see that there are two mp3 linked zip files which I GUESS are more my cup of tea....

David Wade said...

This is sooooooo great! Thank you!

David Wade