Friday, May 29, 2009

Mahler 1. If you're new to the music of Gustav Mahler, start here: Runnicles, DSO Berlin 2009 live

Mahler, Gustav

Symphony number 1

Donald Runnicles, conductor

Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin

January 18, 2009

Live broadcast from Berlin Philharmonie, Grosser Saal

If you're new to the music of Gustav Mahler, start here.

If not, there is still more previously unnoticed detail to cull from his first symphony, as Runnicles brings out in a tight, bounding playpen of cacophony from the DSO Berlin. 

After running around between a dozen other contenders for a favorite broadcast Mahler 1, this one beat out the pack. Barenboim's East-West youth assault had some great frisson, but so does this and with more focussed string textures to boot. Overall, the clarity of the interacting lines of sound impressed and delighted here; I hope you find as much in this interpretation as I have.


Guillermo said...

Anonymous said...

MediaFire no permite enlace. dice que "no tienes recursos".
¿Puedes cambiar de almacén remoto?

Keith Parry said...

"there are no resources available under the owner's account" is the message I get at Mediafire.
I would love to hear this - any chance of another link?
Thanks KeithP

Guillermo said...

Ok now!

Keith Parry said...

Excellent - thank you very much

Fabioromano said...

Hi Guillermo,
I had no problem in downloading from Mediafire, but the 3rd movement cannot be extracted. A message states that "there's no file to extract". Did anybody experience the same trouble?
Thanks and all the best,

bergamote61 said...

Hi Guillermo,
Thank's a lot; I agree, this Malher 1 is fantastic.

Hi Fabioromano,
Only rename the file with shorter name, I had same trouble.


Anonymous said...

3rd movement of MAHLER #1 is corrupt or doesn't download.

anchusa said...

Thanks very much. I love Mahler's First and I'm looking forward to listening to this concert.

Guillermo said...

Hi, Try this, it is the same thing but with a shorter name for the third movement. That was what may have been throwing off some of the unzip programs (though The Unarchiver does fine with it):

Fabioromano said...

Hi Guillermo, thanks for the "short" version of the link: I was able to unzip all files, otherwise I had to renounce (since my unzip program does not allow always to rename files). Now I can appreciate Runnicles' Mahler Titan! Thanks again. All the best,

Anonymous said...

Starting from Runnicles... Hmm.. but anyway thanks a lot for a piece of real Art Noveau :)

Guillermo said...

Yeah, I had my moment of doubt as I posted, too. The voice in my head said, "What? How to start if not via Walter?? or Kubelik??? Lenny even? but DONALD?..."

Then, I thought, God doesn't live in one place; certainly these recreations of human-made soundworlds do even less so.
As the beloved reminds us,
"What the hell Hafiz, why not give everyone my address."


So maybe Runnicles yes, too.
Worst that will happen (one hopes) with this particular take is that someone will go out hunting for a second opinion.

slarty said...

This is a marvelous performance thanks.
Do you have the rest of the programme?