Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ivan Moravec, Philadelphia Orchestra with Keene: Grieg Piano Concerto live 1984

Sometimes I'm silly and try to stick words in here to describe or peddle or even vaguely reflect music.

unnecessary here.

Edvard Grieg

Piano Concerto

Ivan Moravec, piano

The Philadelphia Orchestra

Christopher Keene, conductor

live broadcast, October 19, 1984

I've no other info about this save that it is Ivan's debut with the Fabulous Philadelphians.

Links for this in comments, as customary; if you enjoy this, I must suggest

something that has given more enjoyment with each listen,

from the Czech recording company Supraphon's

collaboration with Mr. Moravec:

Live In Brussels

He plays the Beethoven Pastoral sonata, Some Chopin mazurki, nocturnes, the Scherzo in B minor and a few of his Brahms lagniappes, always twinkling with a watchmaker's focus and brilliance.

As it is an official release, very reasonably priced and relatively available,

here is the link to see it and buy it if you wish


With that, I have no other comment than I love Ivan Moravec.


Jack brought the Grieg concerto to symphonyshare, and I couldn't but share- A thousand thanks Jack!


Guillermo said...

Three mp3s in a 50.7 MB .zip file, on mediafire:


You will go to see Moravec play if he comes remotely within driving distance of your location.

Denis said...

Saludos Guillermo, y gracias por la grabacion de Moravec. I second the driving instructions - like Vermont last Spring: the man still plays circles around pianists half his age. Any idea of source of these mp3s? Hopefully it was originally taped by the Philadelphia orchestra, and might transfer to CD in higher fidelity.

Guillermo said...

Denis, that's all I know about the source, on the post: a friend got them out to me, taped from a radio broadcast. Hopefully the Philadelphia, Chicago and all the other houses that Moravec has worked with will put out the original sounds...

I missed him in Princeton last year, though lack of decent information from that venerable institution. Shan't happen again.

Jacob said...

That is not Ivan Moravec, unfortunately. He doesn´t play Grieg concerto and never did.

Guillermo said...

@ Jacob: Hi Jacob, I'm disturbed by your comment- How are you sure of this?

Jack said...

Hi Jacob,
Read the review of the concert at the archive of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Enter "Moravec Grieg" in the search engine:


The date of the concert is 10/19/1984

Jacob said...

I´m not 100% sure. I´ve just listened to the recording and I must concede it really can be Mr. Moravec :-) I will try to ask him or his wife after some concert or recital as soon as possible. It is strange that no official recording of him playing Grieg concerto exists.

Guillermo said...

Update: Denis has confirmed this recording's authenticity through Ivan Moravec's family.

Now if only the orchestra or record company would release a pristine sounding copy, I can post the link to that. Until then, we have this as an appetizer for other recordings by this undeservedly low-profile pianist.

Jacob said...

Thank you for new informations and let me say I´m sorry for my first comment here. Next time I will listen before I´ll post something :-)
(Someone has put a fragment from Moravec´s Prague recital on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEtGusnVMto !)

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