Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mahler Symphony 5: World Orchestra For Peace, Gergiev, 2009 Sweden, Live broadcast rec.

A seasonal Offering; I hear alot of hope in this version!

Stockholm, Sweden
2nd September 2009 WOP Concert, part of the Baltic Festival

World Orchestra For Peace
Valery Gergiev, conductor

This concert was given at the invitation of Sveriges Radio/ Berwaldhallen as a part of the 2009 Baltic Sea Festival - marking the 70th anniversary of the start of World War 2 in the Baltic in 1939 and 200th anniversary of the peace treaty between Sweden and Finland.

Programme for this concert:
Track 1.
Krzysztof Penderecki
'Prelude for Peace'(WOP commission, Swedish premiere)
Tracks 2-5.
Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 5 in C# minor

Penderecki's Prelude For Peace is short, in five minutes it achieves a broad swath of wonder to bask in and press 'repeat' immediately after.

The Mahler is a clean, positive-sounding reading that satisfies greatly. As usual with the Fifth, there are all these gorgeous musical structures spread to the skies only to be destroyed, and rebuilt, and again, the process moves forward thusly. Made up of a pick of crack top flight musicians, the World Orchestra For Peace shows its mettle navigating the big crashes without any undue muddiness of texture. It fits wonderfully for all us knit-browed 'serious music' junkies heading into a new decade!

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Thanks to "kurth.johansson" at concertarchive for originally getting this, enjoy and play it loud!


Barullo said...

A mí y a un amigo, nos da error de descompresión. Sólo se descomprimen bien los dos primeros movimientos de la Quinta.
Feliz Navidad.

Guillermo said...

Amigos, lo he probado y me sale bien por aca.. en mac intenen usando el progama grateche y buenisimo "the unarchiver"??

Barullo said...

Lamento insistir.
Lo volví a bajar en Windows y en Linux, usando distintos descompresores, y me sigue dando errores de CRC.
Sólo se salvan los movimientos 1 y 2 de Mahler.
¿Alguien más intentó bajarlos sin éxito?

The Historian said...

I've downloaded it, and three of the five files are corrupt. Could you check and post uncorrupted files?

Guillermo said...

Disculpen por la demora, I think I may have it fixed. I cannot tell these are corrupt, since each time I've downloaded and unzipped them- most recently this morning- everything goes well without a hitch. Now, maybe the filenames are too long for some systems or software? Could be just plain cranky; I use an old Mac G4 Powerbook.
In any case, I just renamed the longish files to shorter ids, rezipped, reupped and checked. Have at them! Maybe now it's better?

165.54 MB .zip folder with (obviously homemade) cover, text file, and five mp3s:

Barullo said...

Te confirmo que ahora sí pude descargar y descomprimir sin problemas el archivo. Gracias.

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