Monday, December 15, 2008

Mahler Symphony Number 9, as brought to life by a guy who wants to abolish vibrato

Roger Norrington makes a "fascinating mess" as it should be, with the SWR Stuttgart forces

Gustav Mahler
Symphony No.9

Sir Roger Norrington
SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra

05. September 2008
Stuttgart, Germany
'Stuttgarter Liederhalle, Beethovensaal'

Live broadcast

Aaah, just listen, With the volume knob set to "you destructive imbecile"


Guillermo said...

bet365 said...

Very beautiful!.
Very nice blog.

wf said...

if you pretend this to be exceptional Mahler, i disagree. i have attended this concert and wasn't impressed with Norrington's obsession to play without vibrato. and his tempi were inapt too. btw: a glorious concert in Stuttgart from last week has been Bruckner8 with Herbert Blomstedt, i will post it in near future.

Guillermo said...

Andre Gide tell us that, "One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." I have heard something new and particularly searching in this version; and there are things we take from everyone we meet and- more to the point- all we come into contact with. I think there is more to this interpretation now... I didn't really like it at first either.
I do so love the Bruckner 8 and picked up that Blomstedt version too! Wonderful to spread such an embarrasse de riche. Thanks to you both for sharing in the experience!

crab9 said...

Sounds provocative, interesting, definitely worth a listen. Many thanks, kind Guillermo.

ipromesisposi said...

Muy amable.
La escucharé atentamente. Prometo regresar con mis sensaciones.

日月神教-向左使 said...


Anonymous said...

Norrington must be in jail by now. If not we should get the posse together.