Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mozart's Piano Concerto n.20, The First desks from Wiener Philharmoniker are the elite reduced orchestra. Buchbinder conducts from the soloist spot.

Virtusosos at play in the fields of Gottlieb

Mozart, Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus
(yes, that's him. at baptism at least.)

Piano Concerto No. 20, K. 466

Wiener Virtuosen
Rudolf Buchbinder, conductor & piano
Grofler Musikvereinssaal, Vienna (Austria) 2008-02-04

The sharply delineated arpeggios! The jumpy, wink of th' eye ensemble dances! And the floor-hugging softness at the other dynamic extreme: wow. Mozart doesn't get this treatment often enough. This is just lots of fun.
Throw your door wide open for new year with a stance akin to the attitude in this performance and we're in for a great start!

from fadoze, again a bauble from the treasury...

Thanks! Enjoy.


Guillermo said...

ahairn said...

Great thanks for this beautiful version!

Ranapipiens said...

Listening to this (again) and realized I hadn't thanked you for it. It's just delightful.

Thanks, and my apologies.