Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shostakovich Opus 47, Symphony Number 5

"a Soviet artist’s creative response to justified criticism..." in New Jersey. Newark. Of all places.

Estonian maestro Neeme Jarvi (I mention his nationality to suggest his familiarity with Soviet-era abuses and frustrations... and well OK because that's half my bloodline as well- REPRESENT in KALEVI POIG!!!) leads the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

Broadcast From performances May 16-18, 2008
Prudential Hall, New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC)
On the banks of the stolid Passaic River in Newark, New Jersey, USA

That Program also offered:
Bach/Busoni/Steinberg: Chaconne in D minor (orchestration of Partita
for Violin Solo No. 2, BMV 1004)
Haydn: Symphony No. 99 in E-flat major, H 1/९९

Check out the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra when they're in your town!
Keep them going! Although their siblings the New York Philharmonic courted disaster openly (they were slated originally to play on the Titanic, but couldn't go), the NJSO has also had miraculous comebacks time and time again from random and timely donations...

Just so satisfying when played loud, this version, it must have made the much-maligned and industrially mistreated Passaic River chuckle contentedly for the hour it was played near its banks that night.

Thanks to Michael for this recording from KUAT


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Hiro, Japan said...

I had been looking for the recording of "Bach/Busoni/Steinberg: Chaconne in D minor".
However, the commercial recording does not exist.

Please upload this broadcast recording again!

Guillermo said...

Hi Hiro, enjoy:

Hiro, Japan said...

Many thanks!