Friday, March 6, 2009

Isabelle Faust plays Mendelssohn's violin concerto live: Feb 24, 2009

Marek Janowski leads Isabelle Faust and the RSO Berlin

From the first sounds of this recording, it has it. 
I think it can be called "the grain of the voice", as Barthes referred to the peculiar ability of some artists to create meaning in voice itself,  in this case though Ms. Faust's fingers, soundboard, chin, whatever and however it happens. It's been explained by Robin Markowitz that 
..."Every rare voice that has a grain is socially subversive by nature. Although it stands apart from mere representation, it is implicated in whatever social context within which it's produced and received. Its very physical realness forces everyone in its presence to experience whatever truths the grain reveals..."
Having been a fan of Isabelle Faust since her Bartok duets CDs, she's been a powerful presence, eschewing bombast and trickery in favor of something urgent and clean. Yet she doesn't shy away from Jimmy Page-style hearty dirt and grime when the whole show is careening forward at speed. 
The support structure of the RSO Berlin and Janowski are light footed, responsive partners, giving no undue heft to the proceedings, making it a delicious juxtaposition of depth and grace. 

Felix Mendelssohn
Op. 64 Violin concerto

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
Marek Janowski, conductor

Isabelle Faust, soloist

Live broadcast
from the Philharmonie Berlin
February 24, 2009

Thanks to Wolfgang for the original radio recording and upload


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