Monday, March 30, 2009

Prokofiev 2nd PianoConcerto, Bronfman and Gergiev, Vienna Philharmonic live in Carnegie Hall, 2008

Bronfman in rip-roaring slowburn concerto mode,
backed by some of Vienna's finest

I never indicated a preference for squeaky clean cd quality recordings. Although this was digitally taped recently, it is the performance behind the occasional pops and deep-in-the-audience perspective that commands involvement.

Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953)

Piano Concerto No.2 in G Minor, Op. 16 (1912-13)
1. Andantino--Allegretto--Tempo 1
2. Scherzo: Vivaca
3. Intermezzo:Allegro moderato
4. Allegro temperstoso--Meno mosso--Allegro tempestoso

Encore: Scarlatti Sonata K.11 in C minor (Thanks for the info on that, Alfonso)

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Valery Gergiev, Conductor
Yefim Bronfman, Piano

The recording attendee (thank you!!!) notes, "Another beautiful concert with the Vienna Phil...The audience was stunned into silence at the end and
did not begin to applaud until the maestro turned around to face us."

In-house recording
March 1, 2008
Carnegie Hall


Guillermo said...
Includes concerto (4 movements in 3 sound files, III and IV being united), Bronfman's Scarlatti encore, info, and some homebaked art.

it was the blue that got me said...

Wow, thanks! I saw Bronfman in Santa Fe --- he's so incredible! Looking forward to this one.

Guillermo said...

yeah blue, he's something else; here the intensity feels even wilder than usual. BTW I saw the exp blog you follow, thanks for the inadvertent ref, as I think maybe my band could appeal to those folks? its The State Workers, from out of the woods of New York. Literally.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting this. I leave a comment also for letting you know that the Scarlatti played as an encore is the Sonata K.11 in C minor.